The Rules: watching and buying "nothing"

Okay so I don't mean literally nothing.

When I tell people that I'm attempting to go a whole year without watching T.V. or buying anything, the first question is usually, "what exactly do you mean?"

So here are the rules according to Nolan for 2019:


  1. I cannot watch movies or shows on Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime, etc.

  2. I can't watch cable, which is mostly easy cause I don't have it, but I also can't watch it if I'm in a hotel room (this is likely to be my first true test of will power.)

  3. I can't watch YouTube clips, meaning I can't click on the hilarious things you post, or repeatedly watch this favourite in which a man throws an egg at his Scottish mother every day for year.

  4. I can however, watch YouTube for instructional purposes like if I need to know how to darn a sock or something terribly practical. But seeing as I'm not currently in a cult, my tendency to watch programming about leaving cults does not qualify as instructional. (I miss Leah Remini already.)

  5. I can go to the movies.

  6. If a friend has some sort of social gathering that involves watching something like a sporting event, or Dirty Dancing, or their own appearance local cable, that's fine.


  1. I can buy groceries. (And yes, wine and beer are groceries items.)

  2. I can fix my car if it breaks.

  3. I can have dinner out once a month.

  4. No take-away food or coffee!

  5. I can pay for experiences: movies, concerts, comedy shows, plays, etc.

  6. Travel counts as an experience and when I travel the buy nothing rules are suspended, mostly because food!

  7. Business expenses are allowable, but they have to be necessary. Like that ridiculously expensive IKEA peg board system I bought for my office in 2018...not necessary. I love it, but I feel like the sucker I truly am every time I look at it. IKEA 1, NOLAN 0

  8. Speaking of which...The IKEA "Marketplace," you know what I mean, the part that sells the hot dogs and coffee and frozen bags of meatballs and gives out candy samples and sells the dried onions that I can't find anywhere else. Me and my Scandinavian heart are calling that a grocery store. The rest of Ikea though, including the beloved AS-IS, is off limits.

  9. I can buy gifts.

  10. All the of the delicious items contained within LF Bakery count as groceries.

It's January 11th, so far so good.

© 2019 by Nolan Natasha