"and smoking too,

  in the backs of buildings                   turning suburbs to cities."

my debut collection

is Out now!

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Nolan Natasha’s writing is so clear-eyed, funny, tender, and absorbing. I love these poems and this sparkling debut.

—Zoe Whittall

"Later, you’ll read my shame and     make an offering—
  put it just so—like no one has:
  that’s not what that feminism is       
for, Nolan."

"All the signs in all the windows that  

  say---for rent---in French, seem, a first   glance, to say---a lover."

"I looked down at the planes    

  tattooed on your forearm
  and wanted to know

  what kind of sheets

  were on your bed.
  Turns out they were white."

Print journal publications: 

  1. Canthius, no. 5, 2018

    • "Retrouver"

    • "Parallels"

    • "Christmas at Point Pleasant"

  2. The Stinging Fly, no.32 v. 2, 2018

    • "My body, full scrape"​

  3. Poetry Is Dead, no.17, 2018 

    • "Celebrations"​

  4. Grain, v.45 no.3, 2018

    • "Love Song"​

  5. Prairie Fire, v.29 no. 1, 2018

    • "Still"​

  6. Event, v.45 no.2, 2016

    • "Sailor"​

    • "Forks of the Credit River"

    • "Getting Married" 

    • "Thanksgiving"


My first novel, Punching Bag, is a few thousand words from finished and has been for several years, but any day now...

“I’m not a faggot,” said Kelly. The word faggot filled the truck and Ryan wanted to open the window a crack in the hopes that it would slowly seep out." 

                        -- Runner-up story

in the Thomas Morton Fiction Prize

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