My first novel, Punching Bag, is a a few thousand words from finished and has been for several years, but any day now...

“I’m not a faggot,” said Kelly. The word faggot filled the truck and Ryan wanted to open the window a crack in the hopes that it would slowly seep out." 

                        -- Runner-up story

in the Thomas Morton Fiction Prize


"and smoking too,

  in the backs of buildings                   turning suburbs to cities."

coming soon

my debut collection

Very excited to announce that my first full-length poetry collection will be released in the fall of 2019 with Invisible Publishing! Thrilled to be working with the amazing Anne Simpson as editor. 

"Later, you’ll read my shame and     make an offering—
  put it just so—like no one has:
  that’s not what that feminism is       
for, Nolan."

"All the signs in all the windows that  

  say---for rent---in French, seem, a first   glance, to say---a lover."

"I looked down at the planes    

  tattooed on your forearm
  and wanted to know

  what kind of sheets

  were on your bed.
  Turns out they were white."

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