About Nolan Natasha

Nolan's short story "City Boy" was recently runner-up in the Thomas Morton Fiction Prize. He has been a finalist for the CBC poetry prize, Geist's postcard contest, and Room's poetry prize. His poetry has been published in journals including The Puritan, Plenitude, Event, The Stinging Fly, and Prairie Fire. His first full-length poetry collection, I Can Hear You, Can You Hear Me?  was released by Invisible Publishing in the fall of 2019. His debut novel, Punching Bag, is a a few thousand words from finished and has been for several years, but any day now...

Nolan's next poetry project is focused on his home in the North Atlantic, The Faroe Islands. 

Once upon a time Nolan was in the little known, but much loved punk band Scandalnavia, who's only full-length recording was tragically lost in some guys basement. While Nolan hopes to get around to making music again, in the meantime he is kept busy by writing, performing comedy and trying to making visually pleasing images. 


Latest News

"City Boy" is the runner-up in the Thomas Morton Fiction Prize.

"City Boy" is the story of a young trans man hitching a ride across Canada. 

Read it in The Puritan. 

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Nolan Natasha's Debut Poetry Collection Is Out Now 

A funny and sweet—but not saccharine—jaunt through the back alleys of queer love.

Nolan Natasha’s collection maps the large cultural shift we’re all feeling about identity, about vulnerability, about body, about community with insight and acuity. And in this collection’s blood, in its silences, there is indeed “the howling wonder.” How could there not be? —Sue Goyette

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